Experience Healthy, Comfortable and Highly-Efficient Buildings

Our Impacts can be seen on existing homes, new construction, tiny homes, multi-family and commercial projects.

  • We know Fresh Air Ventilation and Air-Tight Building
  • We design Passive House buildings with Owners and Architects
  • We implement air barrier systems and break thermal bridges with Builders
  • We sell and commission Fresh Air Ventilation Systems with energy recovery
  • We help get DOE Zero Energy Ready Home, Energy Star 3, & Passive House Certified
  • Which achieves Superior Indoor Health and Comfort, and saves 90% in heating!
  • We train on our 7 Design Principles and 3 Construction Control Marks
  • Make Off-Grid and Net-Zero more attainable for your performance goals.

We have built some of the tightest and healthiest building in the Nation; from Tiny House to custom multi-generational, to Commercial Maintenance Building and even a  Public Library all achieving near Passive House performance and interior comfort. Our design principles can make any building more durable, healthier inside, use MUCH less energy and more comfortable to live in!

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