Design Consultants for Highly-Efficient, Healthy, Comfortable Buildings

Our Impacts can be seen on existing homes, new construction, tiny homes, multi-family and commercial projects.

  • We Know Fresh Air Ventilation and Air-Tight Building
  • We design Passive House Buildings with Owners and Architects
  • We implement air barrier systems and break thermal bridges with Builders
  • We sell and commission Fresh Air Ventilation Systems with energy recovery
  • We help get DOE Challenge Home, Energy Star 3, and Passive House Certified
  • Which achieves superior interior health and comfort, and saves 90% in heating!
  • We train on our 7 Design Principles and 3 Construction Control Marks
  • Make Off-Grid and Net-Zero more attainable for your performance goals.

We have built two of the tightest homes in the Nation; one was custom multi-generational with a lap pool and is Passive House Certified! We've also helped a Maintenance Building and Library achieve near-Passive House performance and interior comfort. Our Design Principles can make any building actually comfortable!

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