Brand: LUNOS
Product Code: Lunos ALD R160

Price: $197.00

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LUNOS ALD R160 is an passive air inlet/flow controller that includes an absorbing elements.

It fits in the standard LUNOS through-wall tube and regulates airflow dependent on pressure.

The airflow it provides at 8pa pressure difference is:

  • 15 CFM (25m3/hr) without damper
  • 12 CFM (20m3/hr) with damper size enlarged
  • 9 CFM (15m3/hr) with as-is damper

It avoids the need for duct-work and is installed directly in the exterior wall.

It can provides filtered fresh air at a controlled rate in milder climates, as well can be used to control airflow into the house in colder climates that use a hybrid system with e2’s, eGO CA 70 and or RA 15-60 combinations.
In mixed climates it is ideally installed over a radiator or other heat source to avoid winter discomfort.

Other options are to use it as airsupply for make up air for dryers or kitchen hoods. Please factor in proper supply airflows based on given
flow limitations of the ALD-r160 device and provided pressures.

The ALD-R160 is supplied with star shaped sound muffling insulation rings.
Depending on number of stars/rings installed exterior noise can be reduced by as much as:
• 50dB (13″ tube and 12″ length of 3 stars and 1 ring)
• 53dB (20″ tube and 15″ length of 4 stars and 1 ring)
• 55dB (20″ tube and 18′ length of 5 start and 1 ring)
• 61dB (20″ tube and 18′ length of 5 start and 1 ring), air inlet closed

Set Includes:
• Installation tube diameter: 150mm ~ 5.9”
• Core bore: 160mm ~ 6.3″
• Interior and exterior grilles, with interior G3 filter
• Flow controlling damper
• Winddamper baffle

Cannot ship LUNOS products to Canada. Canadian customers, please contact ecogenia for assistance.

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