Brand: LUNOS
Product Code: Lunos eGO and rotary switch
Weight: 10.00lb
Dimensions: 10.00in x 10.00in x 24.00in

Price: $855.00

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Lunos eGO is an all-in-one room ventilation system with a built-in regenerative heat recovery core, capable of ventilating a bathroom, or small enclosed room, up to 300 square feet in size. One rotary switch is included.

The fan’s regenerative core is charged by the oscillation of fan direction. During each cycle, fans take turns
exhausting indoor air, which charges the regenerative core. Air flow then reverses and incoming air absorbs
the stored heat at 85% tested efficiency.

The eGo is ideal for bathrooms and single room spaces that require ventilation. We recommended to use ego
along with e² HRV units to complete your heat recovery system.

Ventilation rates: 3-12 CFM in heat recovery mode, up to 27 CFM in exhaust mode
300 SF maximum room size (see sizing, or contact us to review plans)
Sound levels: 16.8db – 24.0dB – 38.1dB and 38.1dB in exhaust mode (NOTE: fans are more audible than e² units)
Heat recovery efficiency: 85% (tested with DIN 308 / DIBt protocol)
Humidity recovery: 20%
Specific fan efficiency: 0.17 – 0.2 Wh/m3 (0.29 (W/cfm)
Filter: G3 (MERV 5) or optional pollen F5 (MERV 9-10)
Includes one controller. One ego may be connected per each controller
Installation sleeve included – can be pre-installed in wall before insulating/during construction
Creating a very quiet heat recovery ventilation system without the need for ducts and balancing, with
specific fan efficiency that is second to none.


HRV diameter: 150mm ~ 5.9”
HRV length: 243mm ~ 9.6”
Min. wall thickness: 300mm ~ 11.8”
Core bore: 160mm ~ 6.3″
Cannot ship LUNOS products to Canada. Canadian customers, please contact ecogenia for assistance.

Download Links:

Lunos eGO Installation Manual
Lunos eGO Specifications

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