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Designed in 2010, the Passivista has emerged as a true proof of concept 3,600 square-foot residential house in Broomfield, Colorado. Completed $99/SQFT.

The Passivista: This Affordable Proof of Concept REALLY Performs!!

Built at $97 / total square-foot, or $150 / finished square-foot.

2013 Annual Summary

Gas = $347.10 for 303 Therms or 30,300 kBTU

Electricity = $755.23 for 5,046 kWh

Water = $283.20 for 57,000 TGal

"I feel spoiled because the temperature never goes below 68 deg F!"

~ Harlene Beckloff

The 36kBTU gas stove is needed less than 2 hours a day during winter months.

This project is showcased on the EPA Region 8 High Performance Buildings website.

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