Over half of the savings seen in our feasibility studies has always been from airtightness!!!


   airtightness during feasibility  

Airtightness Simplified & Affordable



 Save 75% Over Spray Foam 1,800 -2,000 SQFT ~ $3,000

Continuous Air Barrier System Kits for Small Buildings

2012 IECC Requires homes to be less than 3 ACH50

For New Construction or Rennovation

Shearwall Connections Tescon Vana

Step 1. Tape all osb seams & connections



Step 2. Tape osb to foundation wall



 Step 3.Tape Windows & Doors with Tescon Profil





Trusses and Ceilings



 Step 1. Cover the bottom of trusses with Intello Plus


 Step 2. Tape all seams and perimeter with Tescon Vana


We fear no blower door!



Attics and Hatches



Step 1. Rough Open 20.5”x30.5”


Step 2. Secure attic hatch


Step 3. Tape perimeter to attic




Package Includes:


Tescon Vana Tape for OSB shear wall or Solitex WRB  Gaskets for Roof/Wall Penetrations
Intello Plus Ceiling Barrier with Tescon Vana Tape for seams Extoseal Tape for Window Sill Pans - 6" or 8"
Tescon Vana 150 Tape - 6" wide for connections/wrapping corners Tescon Vana 100 Tape - 4" wide for windows
Gaskets for Roof/Wall Penetrations - Mech, Elec, Plumb, Comms R80 Air-Tight Attic Door Kits
Solitex WRB if applicable  Radon Mat and Tape if applicable



You’re now ready for the first Blower Door Test!

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