8-inch 200mm Wye connector 45 degrees

Zehnder ComfoAir 70 Ventilation Unit

Brand: Zehnder
Product Code: 9530, 9531
Weight: 75.00lb
Dimensions: 39.00in x 19.00in x 34.00in

Price: $1,487.00

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Designed for excellent efficiency and installation in single or two-room partments, the CA 70 is easy to install.                                                                                   

With capacities of 9 - 15 - 24 - 38 cfm, the CA 70 has been certified at 85% efficiency by the Passive House Institute.

Features include frost protection control down to 10.5 deg F.

Dimensions:   Height: 26”

                        Width: 17.3”

                        Depth: 5.7”

Weight: 53 pounds (24kg)

Sold with installation tube.


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