ComfoAir 550 with optional built-in pre-heater

Brand: Zehnder
Product Code: 9437-01 or 9438-01 (left or right)
Weight: 104.00lb
Dimensions: 23.00in x 29.00in x 32.00in

Price: $3,484.00

Available Options

* Add a Pre-Heater:

The pre-heater is built into the unit and prevents frost in the core during extreme low temperatures. When an earth tube or ground loop is incorporated, the pre-heater may not be needed in the Rocky Mountain regions. Otherwise, most units should add this option.

- +

The choice for large residential and small commercial projects or schools, the CA 550 has a maximum capacity of 324 cfm.

The CA 550 has all the features of the smaller capacity units, including ECM motors for energy efficiency and ease of balancing, summer by-pass cooling, frost protection mode, and resistance pre-heater and enthalpy core. Two connector pieces come included; Additional options and accessories also available.

The CA 550 is a Certified Passive House Component.


  • Comfort Ventilation up to 324 cfm
  • Heat recovery efficiency up to 84% (according to PHI)
  • Low power consumption thanks to EC direct current motors
  • Automatic summer bypass
  • Frost Protection Function
  • Quick and safe installation, maintenance and servicing
  • Moisture recovery with the Zehnder enthalpy exchanger 
  • Simple operation
  • Integrated preheater 
  • Can be coupled with ComfoFond geothermal heat exchanger
  • Integrated controller for brine geothermal heat exchanger
  • Filter replacement indicator
  • Electric and Hydronic post-heater integration possible
  • 'Open Fire' programme for properties with chimneys
  • Passivhaus Institut accredited

Dimensions: Height: 31.5”

                        Width: 28.5”

                        Depth: 22.4”

Weight: 103.6 pounds (47kg)

User Manual

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