ComfoAir 200 ERV Unit with pre-heater

ComfoAir 200 ERV Unit with pre-heater
Brand: Zehnder
Product Code: 9357-01 or 9364-01 (left or right)
Weight: 6.50lb
Dimensions: 13.00in x 22.00in x 44.00in

Price: $3,505.00

Available Options

* Use an HRV core:

Most systems in our regional climates prefer an ERV core retaining interior humidity and rejecting summer humidity. You may want to consider an HRV core if you have high interior humidity in your home from indoor pools or hot tubs, solar green rooms, or excessive cooking, etc. 

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Designed for excellent efficiency and installation in smaller homes or apartments (~2 bedrooms, 2 baths), the CA 200 ERV is suitable for wall or ceiling mount.                                                                                   

With a maximum capacity of 118 cfm, the CA 200 has been certified at 84% efficiency by the Passive House Institute.

Features include ECM motors for energy efficiency and ease of balancing, summer bypass cooling, frost protection mode, and resistance pre-heater. Additional options and accessories also available.


  • Comfort ventilation up to 118 cfm
  • Heat recovery with a heat recovery efficiency of up to 84% according to PHI
  • Low power consumption thanks to EC direct current motors
  • Automatic 100% summer bypass
  • Infinitely variable frost protection function: efficient even at low temperatures
  • Quick, safe installation and servicing
  • Simple operationIntegrated preheater
  • Digital control unit
  • CO2 control (optional)
  • With weekly timer as standard
  • Chimney sweep control
  • HVI Listed
  • The CA 200 is a Certified Passive House Component

Dimensions:Height: 47.2”

                        Width: 21”

                        Depth: 12.6”

Weight: 66.2 pounds (30kg)


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