Zehnder has an exciting new product that deserves attention and applause – the CA70!

Zehnder ComfoAir 70 is a decentralized comfort ventilation unit with heat and humidity recovery using synchronous supply and extract air operation. It is perfect for use in apartment renovations as well as in new residential builds. The unit is well suited for one- and two-room apartments, vacation, and student apartments. Another room can be connected to the adjoining room connections for supply or extract air using Zehnder air distribution (optional). An enthalpy exchanger, which ensures a high degree of heat and humidity recovery, is standard on the unit. This results in a positive effect on the room humidity which means a comfortable indoor climate. Zehnder ComfoAir 70 can be installed with various outside wall hoods or a reveal module for almost invisible integration of the external and exhaust air ducts in the window reveal.

There are several key features on this unit that, I think, are vital. First of all, it’s really quick and easy to install with minimal intrusion into the living space. While you normally wouldn’t think of a ventilation unit as beautiful, this one really is attractive and discreet. The plastic exterior panel can be painted over to match the color of the wall. I also think you’ll be surprised by the Zehnder CA70’s quiet operation.

When it comes down to the numbers, the CA70 does not disappoint. Because of its unique enthalpy exchanger, there are no condensate problems. Once installed and running, it boasts an air volume flow of up to 60 m3 /h, 90% heat recovery, and up to 84% humidity recovery. This thing is an efficiency powerhouse!

The unit’s settings are customizable at 4 available performance levels: 15 m3 /h, 25 m3 /h, 40 m3 /h, or 60 m3 /h. The status display on the front notifies the user in case of a needed repair or filter change. If you want even more customization ability, there are some helpful accessories to consider like the modules for humidity, VOC, or CO2 sensing. For instance, because of the humidity sensor, the unit will immediately compensate and balance the humidity while you shower or cook. Imagine never having to flip on a bathroom fan or stove fan again!

So – how do you get one? I’m glad you asked! Our online store is a treasure trove of everything you need to retrofit or do a new build the passive house way! Check out this new product, here: