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Fresh Air ventilation Zehnder

The New Zehnder ComfoAir Q purification system is the next generation of heat and energy recovery ventilation units, a “quantum” leap over conventional HRVs/ERVs currently available on the market. The Q builds on the superior performance and established success of Zehnder’s ComfoAir systems with features such as improved heat recovery efficiencies, integrated humidity sensors and app-based controls to provide a world class, comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient indoor climate.



Zehnder Filters in Colorado

Two filter options are provided. Our standard filters are MERV 7/8 and a higher MERV 13 is also available for higher pollen protection on the unit’s intake.
It is suggested to change your filters twice a year and each unit uses two filters at a time. 

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Air Barrier Systems

Of all our Passive House Feasibility Studies, implementing the air barrier correctly is the key to success! Having air tightness, by that we mean 3 times tighter than Code requires, attributes to over half the energy savings alone.

Air Tightness, Air Purification

We are happy to provide an estimate for your project. We will focus on the air barrier system and the tapes or membranes to use in your wall and roof assemblies. We will also include a fresh air system design with a layout for your floorplan. Simply upload your planset!