Composting, Recycling and Reusing: It's not Just a Kitchen Activity


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Let’s take your basic 4 bedroom 3 bathroom house that is 1500 SQFT.


We will first calculate a hygienic 1/3 Air Changer Per Hour.


(((1500sqft * 8.2’) /3) /60) =68 CFM by average volume


As you see in table M1505.4.3(1) on this chart ventilation rate is only 60 CFM


Now let’s calculate ventilation by Bathroom & Kitchen Continuously because that’s how smells and humidity really work.


60 cfm for 3 Bathrooms and one kitchen give us 84 CFM and we can either supply OR exhaust a Laundry room with 12CFM. If it is condensing dryer no venting is required.


This gives us 96 Total CFM. Since this is the higher of the 3 numbers, we’ll use this number.


We’ll take 96 CFM and add 10% for duct/installer loss and that give us 106 CFM. We’ll double that number because we want our ERV/HRV to work in its center capacity where it’s most efficient, reserving higher speeds for BOOST MODE.


We’ll need an ERV/HRV that is rated at 220CFM minimum. 


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erv install2


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